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Major iPod Touch Redesign expected in 2013

This could be the news we’ve all been waiting for after last years disappointing iPod Touch revision. It seemed all the hype and attention had shifted to the iPhone. But the iPod Touch is still hugely popular so it comes with a sigh of relief and excitement that this year according to rumours we should be expecting an [...]

Latest Apple patent suggests unibody headphones

If there was one area Apple products lack considerably in quality would ironically be the headphones. Ironic because Music, iPod ‘s iPhone’s is one of the main features of several of their portable devices. But this may be about to change as a new patent registered by Apple has been discovered that describes the process [...]

No WiFi iPod Touch

One of the more popular queries in our extremely popular Tips and Tricks Series is about either WiFi not working or being greyed out. If you have this problem try the following steps: Open Settings Select Safari Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data Now restart the iPod Touch by holding the power button and then [...]

iOS 5 on all versions of iPod Touch

It doesn’t seem that long since the iPod Touch was first released on September 5th 2007. With set up just one month after the launch we have been bringing you all the latest news, tips, tricks, since the beginning nearly 4.5 years now! That brings us onto the main topic of this post. The older [...]

25 Billion App Downloads

Apple recently reached the it’s 25th BILLION app download since the App Store launched just a few years ago. With this they also curated a list of the Top 25 All-Time Paid and Free Apps list. Unsurprisingly the lists are mostly dominated by games with the wildly successful Angry Birds securing 3 of the top [...]

White iPod Touch to be released in October?

Reports are appearing that a white iPod Touch is going to be announced in Apples upcoming media event and released sometime in October. Unsurprising with the popularity of the white iPhone 4 and iPad 2. The above image shows what is rumoured to be the front panel of the new iPod touch placed on a [...]

New iPod Touch September?

Rumours were there would be no new iPod Touch update this year but thanks to an eagle eyed user who found the following reference to a new model iPod Touch wihin the following plist file in the latest iOS5 beta: /System/Library/LaunchDaemons / The model number is iPod 4,2 whilst the current model is iPod 4,1. [...]

iOS5 – iPod Touch Upgrade to be free

No doubt you have read about all the awesome new features that will be introduced with iOS5 this fall. Most surprisingly while major iOS updates have always been free for iPhone users there has been a nominal charge for iPod Touch users. But with this new release Apple have decided to make it free to [...]

iPod Touch Best Christmas Deals

We get a lot of requests asking us where to get the best deals on iPod Touch and with the run up to Christmas were going to be helping you out. Bookmark this post as we will update/add/remove deals as they come in or expire. Currently the best price on the latest and greatest 4th [...]

Game Center ID’s what is yours?

Now iOS is being rolled out and Game Center has finally been released share your ID’s in the comments for people to add you (as soon as there are some available games) My ID is: unique – Let’s Play!